My First Bike Gain map

From Wondelgem to
greater Ghent region

Car vs Bike commuting in morning traffic

What is a bike gain map?!

A bike gain map visualizes the differences in car travel time vs bike travel time.

A commute on the bike gain map below starts from a specific origin region to any destination on the map. In this case the “origin” region is Wondelgem (pink origin region on the map), and the shown bike gain values are only valid if you are travelling from this region. So if you do not live in or near this area, or commute from this area, I am very sorry, this map is not valid for you. Contact me if you want a personalized bike gain map.

Bike gain map: Wondelgem to Ghent region in morning traffic

If you travel from Wondelgem to Gentbrugge in morning traffic, the bike gain map shows that your bike travel time will only be 5 minutes longer than by car.

The data for this heat map was generated with Google maps and includes traffic delays. This is why this bike gain map is only valid for the morning rush hour, 8 am to be exact. Parking time is not taken into account when calculating car travel times, neither are bike preparations, such as dressing for weather conditions.

Regions in green have a bike gain from -5 to -10 minutes. Travelling by bike from Wondelgem to a destination in a green region takes about 5 to 10 minutes less than by car.

Regions in white have a bike gain from -5 to +5 minutes. Travelling by bike from Wondelgem to any destination in a white region takes about as long as by car.

Regions in yellow has bike gain from +5 to +10 minutes, and red is from +10 to +20 minutes. Dark red regions are more than 20 minutes faster by car.


  • Going to the city center, a bike is at least 5 minutes faster than a car, (idem for the lower part of the harbour btw), and consider that the time to park is not factored. In fact, the whole LEZ region is as fast by car as by bike. One LEZ reason to take the car to Ghent.
  • If you’re prepared to travel 10 minutes longer, almost the whole region within the R4 becomes available, eg. from Wondelgem to UZ Gent is only 10 mintues longer by bike. Think about, 10 minutes longer commuting and in return you get a free workout, gas money, and you help reducing carbon emissions, all that while enjoying the outdoors and friendly smiles of your follow bike commuters…

But there’s more…

I don’t want to give a sales pitch here, but it’s a fact an e-bike gives you an extra boost. It greatly extends your range and allows you to coop strong headwinds and hills with ease. For generating a ebike gain map, the travel times for an ebike were calculated by increasing the average bike speed by 10%, which in my opinion is pretty conservative. Let the map speak for itself…

e-Bike gain map: Wondelgem to Ghent region in morning traffic

Stay tuned for more.

2 gedachten over “My First Bike Gain map

  1. Wauw, zeer interessant, en zo’n kaart spreekt tot de verbeelding uiteraard. Bij de brandweer van Gent willen we mensen overtuigen om meer met de fiets te komen werken. Is het mogelijk om het verschil tussen auto en fiets te visualiseren? Te bereiken via e-mail, thanks!

    1. Beste Bjorn, u slaat nagels met koppen! Dit is inderdaad één van de mooie toepassingen van de data. Er zijn een aantal maps zoals je voorstelt die ik eerst zal maken, en zal dan kijken wat mogelijk is. Het is belangrijk te beseffen dat de google data niet gratis is, met die data verdienen zij namelijk hun boterham. En dit is voor mij slechts een hobby.

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